Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Zhang Xusheng came to Feijian's new factory to help enterprises solve their problems

Time:2021-01-08 00:00:00

On the morning of January 6, Yongkang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhang Xusheng, Deputy Mayor Li Haofeng and other leaders visited Feijian’s new factory for investigation. Some senior leaders including Chairman Xia Feijian, Manufacturing General Manager Cui Qinzhu, and Chairman Assistant Xu Liang warmly received the investigation team One line.

Regardless of the domestic market or the international market, Boshilong Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. has used its own brand since the product came out, and through continuous R&D investment, actively cooperates with foreign new technologies and new processes to make the sealing strip a world of single industry Leading level, with the ability to rely on "one's own power" to compete with a cluster in other regions, the company itself has become the drafting unit of industry standards.

Regarding the actions and effectiveness of the relevant departments to help enterprises solve development problems, the person in charge of the enterprise sincerely sighed: “Yongkang is an environment to support the enterprise, and it is necessary to expand the enterprise in this down-to-earth place.” Zhang Xusheng expressed his appreciation and hopes that the enterprise will continue. Increase investment in research and development, maintain the leading position in the industry, and at the same time tap the market potential, further improve products, strengthen the brand, become an industry leader, form a unique corporate culture, and create a long-lasting "century-old store".

Walking through the workshop, looking at the products, and talking about development, as soon as he walked into the workshop, Zhang Xusheng carefully inspected the production equipment and products. While understanding the company's production and operation, product process, technology research and development, industrial digital transformation and other related conditions, he carefully asked about the need for the government. Coordinate and solve difficult problems.

He fully affirmed the company's development results and encouraged companies to deepen their professional fields, strive for excellence in informationization and intelligence, adhere to problem-oriented, benchmarking with world-class standards, and focus on innovation to break industry bottlenecks and lead the consumer market On the other hand, through process innovation and technological improvement, the added value of products will be increased, with emphasis on "quantity" and "quality", and the Yongkang brand will be launched.

After thoroughly understanding the gap between "Made in Yongkang" and international big names, Zhang Xusheng emphasized that enterprises should strengthen R&D investment and technological innovation, approach the world's advanced level in technology, and create a golden name card of "Made in Yongkang"; The unique development path of the company, to further refine the products, to refine the market, to strengthen the brand, and to continuously increase the added value and market share of the products; to be a pioneer in the cup and pot industry, to be the "hidden champion" and "single champion", and strive to "Yongkang Cup Pot" has become a symbol of China and even the World Cup pot products, and constantly polished the golden sign of "China's Cup Capital".

Zhang Xusheng said that the municipal party committee and municipal government will continue to provide full support and services to ensure the innovative development of enterprises. All relevant departments should bring back the problems faced by the company for in-depth research, strengthen closed-loop management, follow up the effectiveness of the inquiry, and promote the proper resolution of problems with precise services, further stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of market players, and make a good start for the 14th Five-Year A good start provides strong protection.