This thermos cup is on fire, it’s beautiful and beautiful

Time:2021-01-11 00:00:00

In winter, hydration becomes the top priority. If you want to drink clean hot water anytime, anywhere, you cannot do without a thermos.

A cup of warm hot water, the heat seemed to evaporate from the stomach, warm to the hands and feet, could not help but sigh "comfortable" as if the body was regaining consciousness.

Therefore, in winter, the thermos cup becomes a treasure that everyone carries with you. You must know that even a glass of water reflects your taste. So, how to choose a thermos cup that fits your heart?

Simita Linglang gave the standard answer.

The busy life makes us yearn for a simple state even more. Simita Linglang's design is simple and elegant, exquisite and elegant, with a gentle and delicate macaron color system, which makes us look forward to this slightly cold winter. Yiliang, even if it is a cup for drinking water, people can't help but exclaim: "The thermos cup, it can be so elegant."


The classic feeling created by the pure colors is exquisite and admirable. The cup body has smooth and square lines, presenting a beautiful atmosphere and visually elegant.

In addition to its beautiful appearance, Simita-Linglang has German quality. The inner tank is 316 stainless steel, which is safe and healthy, easy to clean, and not easy to breed bacteria.

Put a glass of boiling water in the morning in winter. After 12 hours, the water temperature can still be above 50°C. It is just right to warm up without burning your mouth. In the summer, put a glass of ice water, you can drink a cool mouth after 6 hours~


This thermos cup is also designed for separation of tea and water. You can make a medlar or scented tea anytime and anywhere in the office, and you can also enjoy a good afternoon.

Simita · Linglang, stunning listing, don't miss it~