Drinking water can also be so smart, experience the Schmidt Lingxi smart vacuum flask

Time:2021-01-16 09:41:47

As the saying goes: people have to be middle-aged, soak wolfberries in a thermos.

Since the 30s passed, I have paid more attention to my body. I usually use ceramic quilts in the office. If I have to go on a business trip or something, I must bring a vacuum flask with me. mineral water? I will regret drinking it on my delicate belly.

Recently, I discovered a vacuum flask that made my eyes shine-Simita Lingxi Artificial Intelligence IOT vacuum flask.


There are two specifications (320ml and 400ml) and four colors (white, red, green, gray) of this vacuum flask. The one I got is 400ml gray.

There is a cup brush in the big box. Unfortunately, when he first arrived, his son took it to play. The courtesy exchanged and gave him a beating of love.

The packaging box inside is the protagonist's thermos mug and its accessories magnetic charging cable and manual. The cup is tightly plugged up and down with foam, no matter how you drop it, it will not fall out. The protection force is MAX. The cup liner is made of 316 stainless steel, and the outer shell is made of 304 stainless steel. There is a rubber pad at the bottom for non-slip.



Friends who have used a thermos to drink water must have had the experience of burning their mouth, because the cup keeps warm, we don’t know the temperature of the water and it is easy to burn the mouth.

The Simita vacuum flask has a temperature measurement function. When you lightly touch the cap, the red light indicates that the water temperature is above 66°C, the orange light indicates that the water temperature is 37°C-65°C, and the green light indicates that the water temperature is 36°C. The following is clear at a glance. I feel that the temperature span of the orange lamp is a bit large. Generally, water with a temperature of ≤50°C can be drunk directly, and it is a little hot above 50°C. But one thing is clear, that is, you must not drink when the red light is on.


In the era of such rapid development of smart homes, the water cup cannot be left behind. Simita’s thermos cup can be connected to the Tmall Genie. When the phone turns on the Bluetooth, the Tmall Genie is connected to the Internet normally, touch the cup cover 6 times continuously, and when the light ring flashes purple, the Tmall Genie will find it, and you can also directly talk to the Tmall Genie to "find teammates".

After adding it to the device, you can view the power of the thermos cup and the temperature of the water in the mobile phone. You can also set how many times to drink water per day, how often you drink water, and you can also view the number of times you have drunk water in the past month.

Of course, you can also upgrade the firmware on the APP side. When you set a timed reminder in the APP section, when the time is up, the APP will remind you that the cup lid light will continue to breathe for 5 seconds and then stay on for 3 seconds to remind the water temperature zone.


Of course, there is something more powerful. The role of the Tmall Elf is to allow you to control the water cup directly by moving your mouth. You can tell the Tmall Elf "How much is the water cup now?" It will answer the current temperature of your water cup.

Tell the Tmall Genie, "How much power does the water cup have?" It will answer the remaining power of your water cup. Say "Remind me to drink water in 10 minutes" to the Tmall Genie. After 10 minutes, the Tmall Genie will call you to drink water.


Because the bottle cap can be charged, there may be many friends who are worried about whether they will get an electric shock or something. The charging voltage of this cup is only 5V, which is much lower than the safety voltage of the human body. It is also IPX7 waterproof. It is no problem to clean the cup lid. , One thing is that you need to dry the charging port in time after cleaning. If there is water droplets on the charging port for a long time, the contacts are easy to oxidize, and then you cannot charge.


to sum up

To be honest, Simita’s vacuum flask refreshed my understanding of ordinary vacuum flasks. It turns out that a vacuum flask can be so smart. This smart vacuum flask does bring a lot of convenience to life. It makes me You can know the water temperature when drinking water, and can also remind me to drink water intimately, long-lasting heat preservation, warm-hearted care, like a intimate little padded jacket.